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Reasons pets are good for your health http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thrillist/all-the-reasons-pets-are_b_8827628.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592

Dog owners get more exercise, pet owners are less depressed and anxious.

Coffee is a health food. I remember about 10 years or so ago the food police were after coffee. Science has found it not guilty! http://news.yahoo.com/drinking-coffee-tied-lower-risk-death-154837933.html

 In a 10-year U.S. study, people who drank coffee regularly were less likely to die of many causes, including heart disease and diabetes, than those who didn’t drink coffee at all.

The more coffee study participants consumed, the lower their risk of dying, and decaf drinkers showed a similar pattern.

“Coffee contains numerous biologically active compounds, including phenolic acids, potassium, and caffeine,” said lead author Dr. Erikka Loftfield of the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland.

Many studies have found that coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of overall and heart-related mortality, Loftfield told Reuters Health by email.

A lot of health advice one sees tends to follow these patterns: Run 20 miles a day; Don’t sit; Eat leaves and twigs; No salt; Avoid delicious foods like bacon, smoked meats, bread. If I can’t enjoy life, why would I want to live longer?

I’ll drink more coffee and spend more time with my dogs. And this will help my health. Sounds wonderful to me!