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Earlier in the week a friend (who reads this blog, btw) asked me if we had coyotes near our house. The coyotes must have heard her, and so they woke us up last night with their distinctive calls. In some native american folklore the coyote is known as a trickster. Well deserved IMO.

It sounded like they were right outside our window. We looked and didn’t see them. On other occasions I have seen them on our street, and across the street. There’s a creek about 75 yards from our house, and the creek system in Prescott is a roadway for all kinds of wildlife.

When the coyotes woke us the first thing we did was check on our 3 dogs. They all were in the bedroom, good news. Coyotes like to feed on smaller dogs and house cats. They could jump our fence very easily. We have a doggie door, so our dogs can access the backyard whenever they want to. Gary and I realized that we had not seen any of the 3 or 4 cats that regularly hunt by our bird feeders, we wonder if the coyotes got them or they were staying indoors due to the cold weather we have been having?