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I’d like to wish all who visit here a Happy New Year!

Prescott has a Whiskey Row Boot Drop, modeled on the NYC Times Square ball drop you’ve seen on TV. It has it’s own web site here. There’s a video on this page, towards the bottom. And here’s a snippet from the Daily Courier:

A 6-foot illuminated cowboy boot will be slowly lowered down from a 40-foot flagpole atop the historic Palace Building, which is over 30 feet tall. The last four years have drawn thousands of people of all ages. Much like the tradition in New York’s Times Square, where a large ball has dropped annually since 1907, the Whiskey Row Boot Drop event has become a Prescott tradition.

We’ve never attended the boot drop. Lot’s of reasons: it’s cold, we’re too old, too crowded, too many drivers have been drinking, Whiskey Row is a good place to avoid late at night, etc.