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From USAToday:

If all of Detroit’s fourth-graders took the well-respected National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests, just 120 African-American fourth-graders across the entire city, by researchers’ estimates, would score “proficient” or above in math.

“This is not a misprint,” the authors warn.


Other results:

  • In Atlanta, just 60 Hispanic fourth-graders and 40 Hispanic eighth-graders would score proficient or above in reading.
  • In Cleveland, only about 30 Hispanic eighth-graders and 80 African-American eighth-graders would be considered proficient in math.
  • In Baltimore, an estimated 60 Hispanic fourth-grade students would score proficient in reading.

The figures are estimates based on the demographic data, not actual determinations of individual student scores.

“The problem is stark and very disconcerting,” said Ulrich Boser, a CAP senior fellow and lead author of the report.

If this is correct, and I have no way of knowing whether or not it is, we are far worse off than I thought.

There was no mention of white kid’s performance on these tests.