Update: All these dogs were adopted today!

No cat photos today, sorry. One of the other cat photographers is back at the Yavapai Humane Society after recovering from surgery. She asked that I leave some cats for her to photograph on Thursday. Instead, here are some dog photos that Gary took today.

Scout, a pure bred German Shepard who might be adopted by the time I post this

Gage, a retriever mix that was very calm and friendly
02-Gage_42-EditBritney, an 8 year old chihuahua taken from the infamous hoarder near Congress AZ that had 60 dogs.


Britney was a little nervous. The next photo shows how we handle small dogs who are nervous or frightened for their photos.
03-dagny_lapShe is sitting on my lap (yes, those are my feet) while I sit in a chair covered with a blanket that will be the background for the photo. Many of these dogs relax and are comfortable in someone’s lap. Volunteer Regina (on the right) helps position the blanket.