From today’s dogs for adoption photo shoot at the Yavapai Humane Society, here are 4 puppies. They are mixes of chihuahua, terrier, and some dachshund. These were taken from the local hoarder who had 60 dogs, they were too young to be adopted until now. Volunteers fostered them.

The one on the left is very fast and active, when I was holding her for a photo she climbed up my arm then across my shoulder getting into my hair. IMG_0045-Edit

Here is how we got the photo: 3 of us put them on a table covered with a white towel and arranged them, then on the count of 3 we let go and Gary shot a few frames before they moved. I’m the one in the gray sleeves.


Two of these pups are already spoken for. A third one might be adopted by a volunteer. I’d be surprised if they were not all adopted out by the time this is posted.