More from our Thursday road trip. Winslow Az. if you’re a boomer or like 1970’s rock music, you likely thought of the lyrics to “Take it easy” by the Eagles when you saw the town name. “Standin on a corner in Winslow, Arizona …”. You’re in good company, there is a park by this name in Winslow.

Standing on a corner in Winslow Az

Our destination in Winslow was the La Posada hotel, which includes the Turquoise Room restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Arizona, and we went there for lunch. The hotel was a Harvey House railroad hotel which has been restored. The railroad track is just behind the hotel.

Art deco bar in the Turquoise Room restaurant
La Posada Hotel Bar

Gary (right) and Kit in front of the hotel entrance
La Posada Hotel Entrance

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