Starting with the close to home events, 4 hikers died in the current Arizona heat wave. A tiny bit of common sense would have prevented these self-inflicted deaths. Common sense is even more scarce than civility in todays rapidly decivilizing world. Sad. ūüė¶

Over the Fathers Day weekend, 13 people were shot dead in Chicago and 42 injured. Concern for ones fellow humans seems scarce there as they devolve into criminal savagery. A good place to avoid. Sad. ūüė¶

In Prescott some good news! A rescued¬†search dog found a wandering¬†Alzheimer’s patient near a lake. The couple that trained and own the dog are volunteers¬†with the¬†Yavapai County Search and Rescue team. And no one was shot to death here over the weekend. Good people make a good community. Wonderful! :-))

Anybody wondering why Gary and I live here?