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We love our new pack member, black lab Shady. She has a bad habit, she steals from the trash. In the kitchen, in a cabinet under the sink, is where we keep the trash. She has figured out how to open the cabinet door with her nose and then she gets her head into the garbage to grab whatever smells good. And she can do this noiselessly. She did it once when I was in the kitchen and I saw the whole thing. Of course I corrected her.

We have been putting the trash pail in the sink when we leave the house, go to bed, or are in a different part of the house such as Gary’s studio. Today we installed a child cabinet door lock which requires the door be opened part way and then a lever needs to be depressed to open the door.  We are hoping Shady cannot manage this feat.

Here’s a couple of iPhone photos of Gary installing the child door lock on the under sink cabinet.