On September 8, 1966 the first ever broadcast of Star Trek occurred. I was in second or third grade, living in the Bronx. There were no VCRs nor DVRs around to record TV shows. You watched live or you missed out. Some things really were simpler in the old days. Not better, but simpler. I like my DVR.

The Star Trek episode “Plato’s Stepchildren” contained the first nationally televised interracial kiss, between Captan Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura in 1968. For those readers who were not around at that time, the late 1960’s were a bad time for race relations with riots in many US cities.

And the Star Trek story continues to this day. The latest movie “Star Trek Beyond” was released this summer. They should have waited for Sept 8th, IMO. When I see a recent Star Trek movie or one of the later TV show derivatives, I always compare these to the original ’60s show. The more recent ones have much better special effects and graphic of course, the original Enterprise was operated by a puppeteer, but the quality of the original’s acting and the episode themes have yet to be matched.

Unless Einstein is proven wrong about the speed of light being the upper limit of velocity, we will never go to the stars and space aliens from other solar systems will never visit us on earth. Sorry trekkies. Science fiction is fiction.