One of the ugliest election seasons ends, finally.

One of the best outcomes is the end of the Clinton machine!

Trump beat Hillary, and the Republicans held both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The US has not had one party control of all these in some time, I think it was when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 – I’m guessing I did not look it up. Anyway the Republicans will get to make Supreme Court appointments unchallenged for the next 2 years, a big win for the Right to Bear Arms folks (of which I am one).

Arizona went for Trump, but it was super close. The 3rd party folks got a few percent of the vote here. AZ used to be very Republican, I am surprised how much has changed. We had a recreational marijuana proposition on the ballot, the result on it is still too close to call. I voted yes, it should be treated just like alcohol. I’m not a pot user myself, but many are so why make them petty criminals?

Results by demographics from exit polls are here. I am really interested to see some final numbers on these. My guess is white turnout was higher than the polls expected, giving Trump the win and fooling the pollsters and mainstream media.