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There was a first in Iceland: “Police in Iceland have shot dead a gunman – the first time armed police have killed someone in the country.” Police there are normally NOT armed. (same link) And Icelanders are armed, 90K guns owned by 300K people (same link).

Whoa. For someone who grew up in the Bronx, follows US news, and often carries a concealed handgun because of the first two points this is remarkable. Why is this so? How do they do this? What can we Americans learn from them?

The linked article suggests very low hard drug use, and 97% identify as middle or working class which suggests they don’t have a parasitic economic elite like we do.

Could there be a different, or additional answer? Steve Sailer, one of my favorite alt-right writers, thinks the answer is that it is full of Islanders and has almost no “diversity”.

I’ll go with all of the above.