Me with lab mix Mary at the YHS photo studio. Mary has one blue and one brown eye, called heterochromia.

Today we had a first at YHS, a dog escaped the shelter from the photo studio. There have been dogs who got out of the shelter before, but never from the photo studio. The dog, Jewel (not Mary in the photo), had escaped the shelter a day or two earlier from the parking lot when an adopter was loading her into a car. The adopter decided Jewel was too much to handle. Jewel returned to the shelter later that day at feeding time and was put back into her kennel.

In today’s escape from the studio, she bolted out the door and ran to the fence behind the adoption center. She found a gap where the fence meets the vertical rock face right behind the clinic and squeezed through. It happened in the blink of an eye. We we getting her ready for her photos and another volunteer was telling the story of  Jewel’s escape from the parking lot. Someone started to open the studio door before we had the thin leads (see the photo above) on Jewel and she ran out of the studio.

A couple of hours later we got a phone call from the shelter informing us that Jewel had returned and that she is OK.