Tax revenue from Prescott’s hotels, motels and other hospitality sources is up by nearly 6 percent — a figure that reflects growing popularity, says the city.

“The City of Prescott continues to enjoy strong growth in travel and tourism statistics year over year, and was recently named one of the Coolest Downtowns from travel website Expedia.com,” stated a news release from the city.

The city’s bed tax revenues, generated by hotel taxes, are up again in fiscal year 2017 by 5.8 percent year over year, according to the State of Arizona, which generates the statistics. “Sales tax revenue is on the rise in Prescott, indicating strong consumer spending,” the news release added.

Link: https://www.dcourier.com/news/2017/may/15/prescott-bed-tax-numbers-rise/

Good to hear that many of our local businesses are doing well. It’s nice to have people from elsewhere visit and enjoy Prescott. But please don’t move here, it’s already very crowded!