Spam or scam phone calls have been increasing lately. It’s so bad that I don’t answer unless my phone recognizes the caller’s number. I send all others to voice mail, if the caller leaves a message I review it and maybe call back.

There’s a new twist to these crap calls:

If you do answer the suspicious call, or respond to a voice message from an unsolicited caller, do not answer “yes” or offer any personal information during the conversation. If the caller asks something like, “Are you the homeowner?” or “Can you hear me?” politely respond, “Where are you calling from, and why do you need this information?” The sooner you hang up after sensing a call is sketchy, there’s less of a chance you’ll let something slip.

Link: https://moneyish.com/ish/heres-why-youre-getting-so-many-spam-phone-calls/