Today’s editorial in the Prescott Daily Courier is about the meaning of Memorial Day. I think Tim Wiederaenders got it just right:

This weekend is not about automobile races, such as the Indianapolis 500 or the Prescott Valley Grand Prix (held Saturday and Sunday); trips to the ocean or camping in the mountains; or even a barbecue.

It is about those who gave all so we could enjoy those things.

While you are flipping a burger, cracking open a cold one, cheering on your favorite driver (amazing race Sunday, huh?!) or just hanging out with friends and family, please pause for a moment and remember those who made it possible.

Sometimes I agree with the paper’s editorial opinion, sometimes not. This one is worth a read.
link: https://www.dcourier.com/news/2017/may/29/column-memorial-day-has-solemn-meaning/