I did not make this up, I swear!!
Never mind the Russian GRU operatives that supposedly hacked the 2016 US elections. According to the linked article, the real power was right wing chaos magicians on an anonymous chat board called 4chan /pol/ appealing to an ancient Egyptian frog god called kek.
“September 11, 2016 duly came, and on that day three things happened. First, Clinton publicly denounced Pepe the Frog as a right-wing hate symbol, to the great delight of the chans—all that free publicity for their mascot! Then, as she left a memorial service for the World Trade Center attacks, in view of the cameras, she swayed, toppled, and had to be hauled into her waiting SUV like a sack of potatoes. The GOP rumor mill went wild, and the chaos magicians of /pol/ did the digital equivalent of looking at each other in shock. There’s a useful acronym in occult circles, TSW—the polite version of its meaning is “this stuff works”—and everyone who’s ever taught magic to novices is used to the inevitable TSW panic, the vertiginous moment at which the student finally grasps that there’s more to magic than make-believe, and usually has to be talked down from a state close to hysteria. The chans went through their own TSW moment that day.”