Our rat terrier whippet mix Stacy passed away today. She had a seizure, likely caused by a brain tumor or some other neurological problem. She had a smaller seizure a few months ago, she recovered quickly from the earlier event. She was not able to recover from the one she had Friday May 31, 2019. We took her to the Prescott Pet Emergency Hospital as this occurred after our regular vet’s office was closed. They gave her a variety of medications but she did not recover.

We adopted her in October 2010 from Circle L rescue which had a facility in Cave Creek Az at that time. She was with us just short of a decade. Gary picked her out, he saw her photo on a web site so we drove down there to meet her. It went well, she joined our pack.

A young Stacy
Gary holding Stacy 2015
Stacy barking

Stacy had a very distinctive “woo woo” bark that she used to let us know she wanted something, usually a treat. She would stand in the kitchen looking into the living room, stare at us and do the woo woo bark until we provided her with a treat. Sometimes this could be annoying, but we didn’t get angry at her.

She also would howl. A long mournful sound. She did this when I took another dog on a walk, or when I left the house and she wanted me to stay.

I will always remember her vocalizations. I would love to hear Stacy’s woo woo bark, or her howl, once again. We miss her terribly.