Trap defeated by digging underneath

We trap squirrels at our Prescott house and release them out in the forest because they have done thousands of damage to our vehicles wiring over the years. Rodents, which includes squirrels, constantly chew on things because their teeth grow throughout their lives. Not unlike cutting one’s hair.

This year some animal has defeated our traps. Whatever it is, it figured out to dig under the closed end of the trap to steal the peanuts we uses as bait. We put a piece of cardboard in the trap but this did not suffice. We’ll try something else.

I don’t have a big ego, but I hate being outsmarted by a rodent 😦

On the positive side, we have had no squirrel damage this year. We seen a few squirrels around, one under Gary’s new Subaru (he bought 2 more traps when this happened). A neighbor who also traps rodents told us we has seen some squirrels around our houses.

There’s an active Swainson’s hawk nest close by, they have been eating squirrels, which helps control that population. We have trapped one small ground squirrel, far fewer than expected.

Over the years we have tried chemical repellants and electronic repellers and all have been ineffective.