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With apologies to the Chinese animal zodiac, this has beed a year of the rodent at our home. We trapped and released at least 15 squirrels, the most recent yesterday. And now a smaller rodent, the field mice have decided to be our house guests. Uninvited. In the last 4 days we trapped 4 mice inside the house. And on 2 nights our lab Shady,  who has a very high prey drive, has been on the hunt in the house. She chased one around in Gary’s studio, and another by some exercise equipment. I know there is a mouse caught when Shady alerts to the trap.

We don’t catch and release mice. We use the lethal traps. I remember when I was growing up in a tenement building in the Bronx my father used to trap rats in the closet by the front door. He used a large rat trap, sometimes we’d hear it snap shut during the night and we knew he got another rat.

I’ll spare you a photo of a dead mouse in a trap.