Sad to report that our 17 year old apple head Chihuahua Betty has passed away. She is missed.

We called her Betty Bat because she looked like a bat when her ears were up when one looked at her face at her eye level.

Betty was with us for about a dozen years, maybe more. She was rescued by stepson Taylor, who had been hired to remodel a rental home. The renters left Betty and a lab mix at the house when they departed. A neighbor there took the lab, Betty lived with Taylor while he worked on the home. When he was finished and had to move out, Gary and I adopted Betty.

In 2017 Betty had cancer, from which she recovered. https://dagnygromer.wordpress.com/2017/07/15/our-chihuahua-betty-has-a-malignant-tumor/

Betty loved steak night, she’d rip chunks of meat off the bone

Formal portrait

On the patio