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I ran into an acquaintance in a store today, someone who lives in one of the very high end retirement communities that we have in Prescott, Az. He’s also an avid hawk nest watcher in season. He told me that he had the virus and his wife, in her late 70’s, died from it. Also 4 other people on his floor have died. Bad sh*t.

My step son told us that almost everyone at his work is infected. This is a significantly younger group than the folks at the retirement community, of course. No death here as of now. More bad sh*t.

Gary and I have been very cautious since the beginning of this. We are even more now careful as we feel surrounded by the Wuhan virus. Bad sh*t.

Arizona has become “the hottest hot spot” for COVID-19, as the state experiences the highest case rates in the world and record hospitalizations — and health officials warn the numbers are only going to get worse due to holiday gatherings.

Arizona reported 9,909 new COVID-19 cases and 297 new deaths on Thursday, the highest single-day tally yet, though the state health department noted most were due to the “death certificate matching process.”

Arizona has the worst rates of COVID-19 cases globally, according to 91-divoc.com, a COVID-19 tracker. The state currently has the highest seven-day average of COVID-19 infections per capita of any region in the world, based on Johns Hopkins University data.