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Our senior rat terrier Anya, age 16, had a bad seizure yesterday afternoon. We rushed her to Dr Killian at Prescott Animal Hospital where they gave her some meds, oxygen, X-rays, blood tests, etc. They could not find the cause. We knew Anya has a liver tumor and has been on heart meds for a few years.

Gary and I thought it was the end. In the past we have had 2 dogs, both elders with existing medical issues, have seizures and neither survived.

Thankfully Anya not only survived but is doing remarkably well. They sent her home with us with seizure medication to be given if there’s another one. The 72 hours after a seizure are critical. We are watching her, at least one of us will be home with her – not hard, we’re retirees.

When we got her home she was pacing, getting lost in the house, stuck in corners. As the night progressed she got better. She ate, relieved herself when we carried her outside. After several hours she slept. Today she ate, went outside via the doggie door, went onto the pillows she likes to sleep on and slept like she did before the episode.