Adobe CC updater macOS 10.12 Sierra WARNING


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macOS Sierra 10.12.xx with Adobe CC WARNING!!!

Updating Camera Raw BROKE my Photoshop CC!! I could no longer load Nikon .NEF files into Photoshop. I got a file type not recognized error. I could read .TIF files.
The CC updater has a bug. It offers an update of camera raw that does not work on macOS 10.12.xx Sierra

If this happened to you, save the 3 hours I wasted by going to url…/kb/camera-raw-plug-in-installer.h… and downloading the manual installer for Run this installer after closing all Adobe apps and it will fix the file type error.

I have old hardware and have had grief with High Sierra

It grew legs and walked off


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My father used to say “It grew legs and walked off” when a tool or keys or other household object was not where it belonged. Here is a pile of tools and keys in that very act! Someone, I shall not say who, used these objects and then abandoned them on an old picnic table. The newly grown legs are not visible, but these tools and keys were not put back where they belong and have “walked off”.