Police K9 demo

We went to Woofstock 2019 in Prescott Valley, Az on Saturday 6/8/2019. The Prescott Valley Police Department K9s did a demonstration, here are some photos.

Police K9 with handler
Police K9 lunging
Police K9 biting
Police K9 holding person’s arm

Stacy, Lacy, and Susie

From camera left we see Lacy, Stacy, and Susie (who looks ferocious in this image) defending their territory. This photo of the Gromer Rat (terrier) Pack was taken in 2012. Sadly, all three have passed.

Stacy and me

Stacy and me

Earlier I posted an obituary for my beloved rat terrier / whippet mix Stacy. Here’s a photo of Stacy and I taken by Gary Gromer a few years ago. I love this photo!

We were talking about Stacy the other day, we remembered that we called her “the timekeeper” as she would come and find us a few minutes before her normal feeding time. If we didn’t respond quickly we’d get the woo woo bark. She seemed to have a very accurate internal clock. If Gary and I were away from home at feeding time, we would joke that Stacy is probably annoyed that her meal is late.