Our Annie passed away on Tuesday. Now that a few days have gone by, I’ll share the story.

Annie was not well since early summer, we expected her to pass away then. She lost a lot of weight, was not eating well, and had some recurring infections. But either she looked over the edge and decided she was not ready, or her immune system restarted, and she stabilized. She was in a steady state until about 2 weeks ago when she would eat intermittently. She even turned down a piece of steak and a pork chop – item she craved in the past. And she was slowing down on her walks.

On Monday night she rolled off her bed, which is about 5 inches above the floor and she could not get back up on it. We went over to assist her and when we looked at her face it was obvious that she experienced some neurological event. Her eyes were looking in different directions and she could not stand. We sat up with her for much of the night, at times she was quiet and other she was agitated. On Tuesday morning we took her to the vet for the last time.

We miss Annie, she would have been with us for 13 years next month. She was between 3 and 4 years old when we got her, making her close to 17 years of age.