Until this past Sunday (4/15), my IDPA scoring code allowed for combining BUG and Noncompliant (say a cowboy style revolver or a carbine) into an IDPA scenario match along with the standard IDPA divisions (ssp, cdp, etc.). When displaying the Overall Match Results view, the BUG and Noncompliant divisions were dropped. They did appear on the Results by Division and Results by Division and Classification views.

No longer. Now all the divisions are in the Overall Match Results view. To separate out the BUG and Noncompliant divisons just create separate matches for them. This is a much cleaner approach.

All I had to do to make this change was to comment out the following line of code in idpa_controller.rb:
results.delete_if { | s | s.division == 'BUG' or s.division == 'NC' } unless results == nil
Isn’t ruby great? I also changed the title to not say “excluding BUG and noncompliant divisions”