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After many failed attempts, I have found out how to get web sharing with apache to work on my mac with leopard os x 10.5.2


Update 2: I’ve been using web sharing on my MBP and encountered an annoyance. In Sharing under System Prefrences, it shows as the URL of my home page. This is fine until my rounter assigns my mac a new IP address,  a normal occurance. If I bookmarked the URL I will get an http error. The fix is to change the IP address ( in this case) to localhost. So the URL becomes http://localhost/~dagny/    localhost is the IP shorthand for “this machine”  and is the loopback ip address ( NOTE: This is only good when I access the page from my computer – which I do a lot when working on web sites locally.

Update: This post gets read a lot. To summarize the linked article, there was a problem in the installer, it did not copy a file that Apache needs. The details are in the article. I found that I had to change to the root user (in terminal, su root) to copy the files.