otter4blogI just had a good experience with OtterBox who honored a warranty that expired a few weeks ago. I have an OtterBox case for my iPhone (and Gary has one for his phone and iPad too) and the belt clip part snapped in two. When I bought the case at BestBuy  just over a year ago the salesman told me the case was guaranteed for life – apparently this was not so. Anyway, I found OtterBox’s web site and made a warranty claim. The process is rather sophisticated, you select your phone and it shows you the various cases they have for it, you select yours, then it generates a pdf file which is a template. You put the sections of your case on the designated areas of the template, fill in some id info and sign it, then use their web site to upload it as part of your warranty claim. The customer service department said they will replace the belt clip portion of my case for at no charge. Way to go OtterBox!