Today I was bitten by a dog in the Yavapai Humane Society shelter where Gary and I volunteer. Nothing bad, a few puncture wounds.  It was something of a shock to get bitten though.
I was helping another dog walker get a dog out of the kennel the two dogs shared. I put out my hand to hold this one back from running out of the kennel (which many of them try to do) and he bit my hand. Could have been worse, it was a shepard/rottweiler mix who could have done real damage if he wanted to. It was more a warning not to mess with him than an attack. Oh well, a rite of passage for working in the shelter. The dog had been vaccinated for rabies earlier, we have not had a case of rabies in a domestic dog in Yavapai County in over 20 years.
I’ll be getting a tetanus shot this week. The dog gets a 10 day quarantine in a separate area. In the very unlikely case he has rabies, it will be evident within 10 days.